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Knights Ferry Portraits

Knights Ferry Portraits

Adriana will be celebrating her quinceanera at the end of May with an awesome party but stopped by a few days ago for her pre-quinceanera portrait session in Knights Ferry. While Knights Ferry portraits are usually known for their brown and tan tones due to the usually dry grass there are a few weeks each spring when the area is covered in green and littered with beautiful wildflowers. We hit it perfectly, the wild lupine lighting up with it’s deep purple color against the green grass was stunning.

The session was a lot of fun, Adriana was great to work with and we came away with a lot of stunning images; perfect wall art for Mom and Dad’s home to celebrate Adriana’s milestone. I’ve included a few images from the session. I hope you enjoy them.

Are you or someone you know looking for a photographer for a wedding, portrait session or quinceanera? You’ve come to the right place. Give me a call, 1.209.541.1815 or email today to schedule a consultation. Still need more convincing? No problem, check out our senior, wedding, baby or family portrait galleries.

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Almond Blossom Portraits

Almond Blooms Portraits

Almond blossom portraits are some of my favorite to do, the blossom themselves are beautiful and because we have 20 acres of almonds we don’t have to travel far for the session, winner! Karissa came by for her senior pictures recently and wanted, you guessed it, almond blossom portraits so we headed out to the trees and went to work. The day was perfect, the sun was warm and the blooms were popping nicely. Karissa is involved with FFA, something near and dear to my heart, and while she didn’t have her pig yet when we did the session (bummer) she did have her jacket,  FFA friend and very large family dog to represent during the session. It was a fun afternoon and the images look great. Here area  few samples from the session. Hope you enjoy.

Are you are someone you know looking for senior portraits? You came to the right place. Give me a call, 209.541.1815 or email anytime to schedule your consultation and began the awesome senior portrait experience. Still need more convincing? No problem. Head over to our senior portrait gallery and see more examples of what we do.

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Turlock Maternity Portraits

Turlock Maternity Portraits

I had the awesome chance to photograph Erica and Candido’s maternity session recently at the always beautiful (even in the rain), Pageo Lavender Farm in Turlock, California. Erica and Candido are a very special couple and I’ve had the pleasure of creating images for them through all of their special moments the last number of years, from senior pictures to their wedding and now the soon-to-be of their little one, Regina. I can’t wait to meet her as she is sure to be as wonderful as her parents and extended family. For the maternity session we were greeted with a bit of weather, gray clouds and overall damp conditions as it’s been a very wet winter here in California. We made the most of it however, as Pageo Lavender Farm has many wonderful places to work. Below are a few of the images from our maternity session and the highlight slideshow. I hope you enjoy them.

The highlight slideshow

Coming Soon…Ms. Regina Cruz by Edward Mendes… by edwardmendesphotography

A few images from the session

Are you or someone you know looking for a photographer for maternity, newborn, senior or family portraits? How about a wedding? If so you’ve come to the right place. Please give me a call or send an email to ask a question or schedule your consultation. Need more convincing? No problem, check out some of our image galleries to see more of what we do.

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Cute Baby Portraits

Cute baby portraits hunting

Benjamin is one of the cutest little dudes you’ll ever meet, and certainly one of the happiest, a smile was on his face almost the entire session. He had recently turned 8 months and his dad and aunt brought him by for portraits to capture the love and smiles that is Ben. As with all my children and newborn portraits I like to create a signature image that is particularly special to the family in some way and will hang with joy in the home. For Benjamin we decided to do something with a hunting theme, not the easiest theme for a little one, but I knew we could do something cute and age appropriate. Take some hunting lodge decor, a cute lumberjack style outfit, put it all on one of my hand made backgrounds, include an adorable little guy, and here’s what I came up with.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow and a few of the images from our cute baby portraits session.

Benjamin Fernandez by Edward Mendes Photography by edwardmendesphotography

Do you have an cute little one that you would like to have beautiful fine art portraits made of? You’ve found the right place. Give me a call or email anytime, 1.209.541.1815. Need more convincing? No problem, check out our newborn/children gallery.

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Pretty Clever – Couture Signing Canvas | Cool Photo Stuff

Cool Photo Stuff | Signing Boards

Pretty Clever is a portion of the blog where I’ll show you a cool way to use or display your pictures that you may have never thought of.  First up, Canvas Signing Boards.  I was sitting around a while back thinking about those traditional signing boards a lot of couples have at their weddings, you know what I’m talking about, the 8×10 print surrounded by a huge white mat that guests sign or write little message on.  It’s a nice thought but boy is that a boring presentation and not something that really fits with the contemporary style of the studio.  My clients (You) are cool, modern and trendy and  I wanted to offer something with a bit more style that reflected their (your) good taste.  Along came Couture Signing Canvases.

These chic and stylish canvas signing boards are gallery wrapped canvases custom designed specially for you and your event and allows friends and family to write special messages directly on the image.  Afterwards it becomes a cherished piece of art for the home.

Above is the Couture Signing Canvas I made for a recent client, Whitney.  She’ll be having the guests at her baby shower sign it instead of a boring signing book.  Afterwards it’s going to be hung in the baby’s nursery.  Pretty Clever!

Are you or someone you know looking for an awesome photographer that offers tons of cool photo stuff to showcase your images?  Then you found the right place.  Give me a call, 1.209.541.1815 or email, to schedule a session or consultation.

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Central Valley Newborn Portraits

Central Valley Newborn Portraits | Edward Mendes Photography

After a bit of a long wait this cute lil’ guy, Bryston, finally decided to said “Hello” to the world on July 6th 2016.  A few days later Mom and Dad brought him by the studio for his newborn portraits.  I try to create what I call a “signature” image for all of my newborns; something that is unique to each session and incorporates elements that helps to tell their story as a family. Bryston’s dad was an All-American basketball player and  played professionally overseas before coming back home to coach and develop at the youth level. Basketball is a large part of their lives so we decided to incorporate it into their “signature” image.  I think it turned out beautifully and I can’t wait to see it displayed in their home.  Leslie and Brice are wonderful and they have a handsome and sweet little dude in Bryston.  I’m honored to have had the opportunity to create his newborn portraits and can’t wait to see him grow up.  Here are a few images from the session.

Do you or someone you know have a little one on the way and looking for a central valley newborn photographer?  You’ve come to the right place.  Give me a call, 1.209.541.1815 or email, I’d love to speak with you.  Would you like to see more central valley newborn portraits? Visit my gallery.

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Knights Ferry Family Portraits

Knights Ferry Family Portraits

My friend Sam and his wife Barbara are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year and thought a beautiful family portrait with their children and grand-children would be the perfect way to celebrate the occasion.  I couldn’t agree more.  First off, Sam and Babara have some of the cuties grand kids EVER! Betty and Josie immediately came up to me and introduced themselves, one as a princess and the other as a mermaid.  Too cute!  All of them were so funny and sweet during the session, something that can be said about the entire family really.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity to create the portraits for this wonderful family.  Congratulations, Sam and Babara on 50 years!

Here are a few images from our Knights Ferry family portrait session.

Are you or someone you know looking for Knights Ferry Family Portraits?  You’ve come to the right place.  Give me a call, 1.209.541.1815 or email, I’d love to speak with you regarding family portraits. Would you like to find out more about family portraits?  Check out our family portrait gallery and information.

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Engagement Sessions – Why I Love them.

San Francisco Engagement Session Baker Beach

What is the first thing you should do once you’ve booked the photographer for your wedding? Schedule your engagement session of course. Engagement portraits have not only become trendy over the last number of years but they serve a purpose beyond just having some beautiful pictures of you and your sweetheart. In my studio I consider an engagement session so important that I actually include it in all my wedding packages. Why do I place such an importance on great engagement images? I’m glad you asked.

Great images!

The most important reason for having engagement portraits is to have beautiful images of you and your husband or wife-to-be. Engagement portraits are a chance to capture you at one of the happiest times in your lives, to showcase the love you have for each other and the excitement of getting to start your life together. After the session the images from the engagement session can be used in your home, to give as gifts to friends, parents or grandparents or featured as part of your wedding in a slideshow, a really cool signing book, save-the-date cards or so much more.

Getting to know you.

It’s soooo important for a bride and groom to fill comfortable with their photographer, after all we will be spending a lot of time together during your wedding day. Creating images that look natural and fun start with being relaxed and trusting that I’m going to make you look your best. The engagement session gives us a chance to work together before the wedding, it gives you the opportunity to start to feel comfortable in front of the camera and it allows me to see how you and your fiance interact with each other and what poses are more natural for you. It’s during the engagement session that we really get a chance to chat, joke around and start to become friends which will show in the images.

Wedding day perfection!

When your wedding day finally comes having the experience of the engagement session will make everything run much more smoothly as you’ll know what to expect and have a much better understanding of posing. In fact by the time we start to create the formal images many of my couples are acting like professional models, tilting their heads in just the right position and always remembering to have a smile on their face just in case I see the perfect moment to create an image.

I think the engagement session is an important part of every wedding. When your big day is finally over the months of planning seems to have gone by in an instant. When a couple comes by the studio to view there proofs or album for the first time it’s great to get to see the joy on there face as they relive the entire day through the images I’ve made. The story of your wedding day is told through the images, the images in your album, within your signing book or displayed in your home and it all starts with the engagement session.

Check out some of my engagement pictures.

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