Tips for Great Senior Portraits

Tips for Great Senior Portraits

Download our 2018 Senior Portrait Guide.
Our Senior Portrait Guide is a great way to check out what Edward Mendes Photography is all about.  It includes helpful information about clothing, hair, makeup plus much more!

Tips for Great Senior Portraits

A Few Hints and Tips for Great Senior Portraits.

  • Get a good night’s rest the day before the session. This will keep your energy level up for the session and help you look your best.
  • Don’t schedule any other major events the day of your session. This will ensure that you don’t run into a scheduling conflict causing you to have to rush. We’re more than happy to re-schedule sessions if we need to but we can’t guarantee another time will be available for a while.
  • Bring a number of outfits and change up the colors and style, that way we have plenty of options to work with.  This will also add variety to your session.
  • Don’t forget uniforms, letterman jackets, pets, cars, motorcycles, bikes, snowboard, skateboards or another prop you’d like to use in the session. Being able to use these during the session really helps to bring your personality out in the pictures.

We’ll discuss a ton more during the consultation.

 Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not going to take you long to discover that I do things differently than everyone else, from the consultation to the cookies and personal attention everything is designed to give you an awesome senior portrait experience.

No, you do not have to go to the school yearbook photographer. They are only hired to take your yearbook mug-shot. You are free to go with any senior photographer you like.
The first and most important thing is individual attention and quality.  Today it seems like EVERYONE calls themselves a photographer and every session turns out to be a learning experience for them. Graduating from high school is a major event in your life and you don’t want to be someone’s guinea pig. You deserve beautifully created portraits that capture your personality
and style.
No, while I feel the consultation is important, I understand you and your family have busy schedules so if we need to I can certainly give you as much information as possible over the phone to prepare you for a great session.
Consultations are great for a number of reasons.  First, it gives us a chance to meet prior to the session, which tends to make things more relaxed during your portraits because we know each other a bit.  Secondly, we get to discuss in detail things such as outdoor locations, clothing, make-up, props and more. We’ll also go over the price schedule in detail and I can show you sample images and some of the great products we offer to display your images.  It also gives me a chance to see what types of things you’re really into and start to design the session around those interests so the images reflect what’s uniquely you.  Lastly, you’ll have a chance to see actual prints and I can answer any remaining questions you may have.  The best images are made when you know the person your working with and can relax and bounce ideas off each other, I want you to have the most amazing images possible, and that’s why I take the time for consultations.
Yes, whoever is financially responsible for the images must come to the session.
It depends on the time of year, however, I can normally get you in for a consultation with your parents within a few days of when you call to schedule.  If we can schedule your session on a weekday I can normally get you in within a week, however, if you absolutely have to have a Saturday, I sometimes book 8-10 weeks out.
Absolutely, in fact, we have a wonderful referral program that is designed to save you big on your print order.  For everyone you refer (senior portraits, weddings, family portraits, babies) you
receive $20 off your print order!  In addition, I know it’s been a while since you’ve updated that family portrait so all of my senior’s packages ALSO include a complimentary family session.
Of course, in fact, we travel all the time for your sessions.  Want to go to Carmel, Monterey, San Francisco, Yosemite or just about anywhere else?  No problem, we know all the best locations to make your session stand out from the crowd.
That’s right!  Great portraits require great light and the absolute best light of the day is just before sunset, which is when I create ALL of my outdoor images.  It’s one of the reasons my images have the look I’ve become known for but it also limits how many sessions I can do. In the end, it’s not about rushing you through like cattle, it’s about creating for you the most stunning images possible.
Of course, in fact, we’ll supply you with a jpeg copy of all the images taken during your session. All we ask is that you give us credit “By Edward Mendes Photography” and “like” our Facebook page,
Do not worry! Almost everyone has days with less than perfect skin. Applying makeup properly can help make sure your preview images look their best. After you have selected your final poses I retouch every image within your print order.
I certainly do for MOST schools.  A compliment retouched image is supplied for uses in the yearbook with all print orders.

Have any additional questions?  Give me a call, 209.541.1815 or email me anytime.