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Pretty Clever is a portion of the blog where I’ll show you a cool way to use or display your pictures that you may have never thought of.  First up, Canvas Signing Boards.  I was sitting around a while back thinking about those traditional signing boards a lot of couples have at their weddings, you know what I’m talking about, the 8×10 print surrounded by a huge white mat that guests sign or write little message on.  It’s a nice thought but boy is that a boring presentation and not something that really fits with the contemporary style of the studio.  My clients (You) are cool, modern and trendy and  I wanted to offer something with a bit more style that reflected their (your) good taste.  Along came Couture Signing Canvases.

These chic and stylish canvas signing boards are gallery wrapped canvases custom designed specially for you and your event and allows friends and family to write special messages directly on the image.  Afterwards it becomes a cherished piece of art for the home.

Above is the Couture Signing Canvas I made for a recent client, Whitney.  She’ll be having the guests at her baby shower sign it instead of a boring signing book.  Afterwards it’s going to be hung in the baby’s nursery.  Pretty Clever!

Are you or someone you know looking for an awesome photographer that offers tons of cool photo stuff to showcase your images?  Then you found the right place.  Give me a call, 1.209.541.1815 or email, to schedule a session or consultation.

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