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Happily Ever After…Lacey + Michael Modesto Wedding Photographer

Modesto Wedding Photographer

Lacey gets what she wants.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask her new groom Michael.  Mike caught Lacey’s eye as the slightly older guy working at the lumber yard as she would walk home from school.  The age difference didn’t deter Lacey however as she patiently stocked her prey and eventually won the heart of her husband-to-be.  If you spend any amount of time with Lacey and Mike you quickly see how much love and respect they have for each other, the foundation of any successful marriage.

It was a pleasure getting to share in Michael and Lacey’s big day and having the opportunity to capture the smiles, laughter, hugs and tears as their two lives became one.  It was also great to meet and hang out with their friends and family who were welcoming and all around wonderful to work with.  Congratulations, Lacey and Mike!

Want to check out some of the images from the wedding?  Here you go…

Happily Ever After…Lacey + Michael – Modesto Wedding Photographer from Edward Mendes on Vimeo.



A big Thank You to…

Diane Moody my 2nd photographer for the wedding.


Are you or someone you know getting married soon?  Give me a call, (209) 541-1815 or email me.  I’d love to meet with you for a consultation and have the opportunity to capture the memories of your wedding day. Modesto wedding photographer.

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Senior Portraits

Modesto, Turlock, Waterford, Oakdale, Ceres, Ripon, Riverbank, Hilmar, Denair Senior Portraits by Edward Mendes

It’s that time of year again, senior portrait season, and Matthew came by the studio for his session a few days ago.  Matt came by along with his parents and girlfriend and we had a great time creating some amazing images.  Matthew does some pretty cool stuff including playing water polo for Davis high and being an Eagle scout.  We started the session with some indoor images at the studio before heading out for some beautiful light with the outdoor portion of the session.  We were pretty lucky and had another day of awesome clouds which I tried to take full use of.  Matt’s session is filled with awesome images that would make outstanding wall portraits.  Here’s a few sample images from the session.


Are you graduating or know someone who is and are looking for more than your typical boring senior pictures?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Give me a call today 209.541.1815 or send an email to schedule your senior consultation.

Wedding Photography and Engagement Portraits. Senior Pictures, Family Portraits, Newborn Portraits, Children. Modesto, Turlock, Oakdale.
The art of Your story!

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It’s Senior Portrait Season here in the Modesto area

Modesto Senior Portraits

It’s that time of year again, school is almost back in session and for the class of 2014 that means Senior Portraits.  If you have a graduating senior give me a call today to schedule your complimentary senior consultation.

I take great pride in creating senior portraits that reflects each seniors personality, allowing “the real” you/them to come through in the images.  It’s always wonderful when were watching the slideshow of the session and a parent points at the pictures proclaiming, “Wow, That’s him/her,

Don’t have a senior in the house but know someone who does?  Great, you can earn a referral credit towards a future session or that extra print you didn’t get from our last session.

Wedding Photography and Engagement Portraits. Senior Pictures, Family Portraits, Newborn Portraits, Children. Modesto, Turlock, Oakdale.
The art of Your story!

If you’ve been to the studio before you know I focus on creating the best images possible, not shooting as many sessions as I possibly can.  I only book one session a day so dates are extremely limited.   If you’d like to make sure I’m available please give me a call right away, 209-541-1815 or email edward@edwardmendes.com.


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Mr. and Mrs. {Almost} Session – Engagement Portraits with Christian and Christine

Modesto Engagement Portrait Session - Christian and Christine Smith

Meet Christian and Christine, one of my newer couples who will be getting married just after the new year.  Both go to school out-of-state so this summer is a busy one as Christine is finishing up as much wedding planning as possible before she has to leave again for school.  Christian is in the middle of a summer internship in Texas and headed to California for the July 4th holiday, a short family vacation and as it turns out their engagement portraits too.  The engagement session is usually my first opportunity to work with my couples but in this instance it was also my first chance to meet Christian as well.

We headed out to one of my favorite “local” spots in the greater Modesto area as the location seemed to fit their wedding theme and Christine’s vision perfectly.  Both Christine and Christian were wonderful to work with and fun to hang out with during their engagement portraits.  They have a very natural and comfortable way about about them in front of the camera, always a big plus.  We had some great light and made good use of it.  The images from the session turned out wonderfully and I’m looking forward to their wedding in January.

Here’s a few more of Christian and Christine’s engagement portraits.

Wedding Photography and Engagement Portraits. Senior Pictures, Family Portraits, Newborn Portraits, Children. Modesto, Turlock, Oakdale.
The art of Your story!

Are you getting married soon and looking for someone to create the memories of your day?  Engagement portraits are fun and more importantly allows you to work with your photographer before your big day.  In addition, all those amazing images we create are ideal for Save the Dates, Invitations, Custom Signing Books, Display prints and more.   Check out some of our awesome images at www.edwardmendes.com or give me a call, (209) 541-1815 or drop me an email to ask questions or schedule your consultation.

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A parent’s guide to great newborn portraits.

Modesto Newborn, Baby and Children photography.  Portraits by Edward Mendes - Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, Oakdale, Ripon, Riverbank, Hilmar, Newborn, Sacramento, Stockton, Central Valley

Newborn portraits today are a lot different than those of the past. Today’s parents want newborn portraits that stand out from the pack, the old one hour mall portraits just won’t cut it.  As a parent of the “greatest thing that’s ever happened to the world” you want to show off your new bundle of joy to friends, family and anyone else that happens to be passing by and why not?  Babies are special and your baby is extra special!  Your baby’s newborn images should be as fresh and unique and special as your family.   There’s a very small window of time (the first two weeks) that makes for the best newborn portraits (however 3-5 days old is even better).  It’s during this time that babies sleep the soundest making it possible to create the beautiful and unique images my clients are looking for.  Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your newborn session the best it can be.

A well-fed baby is a happy baby

More often than not when a baby gets fussy during a session it’s because they’re hungry.  Newborns are happy when their bellies are full so it’s a good idea to come to your portrait session prepared.  Before the session prepare a few bottles or bring a nursing cover so you can feed your little guy or girl before, during and after the session.  And don’t worry about how long it may take or how many times you may need to feed them during the session, any photographer that photographs a lot of children won’t mind, in fact we expect it.  Babies eat when they want to eat.  In my studio I usually block out half a day for any newborn or child session so parents never feel rushed or like I’m watching the clock trying to finish as quickly as possible.  So don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for everything weather it’s feeding or handling a tantrum meltdown.

Keep them warm

Newborns like warm temperatures, especially during the first two weeks, which is when we generally photograph them.  During that time they’re still accustom to the warmth of the womb and temperatures adults generally consider pleasant newborns find to be downright frigid.  Most photographers will keep their studios quite warm during a newborn session in order to keep your little one comfortable but that may not be enough, especially considering most newborn sessions require your little guy or girl to be nude.  I always keep a number of baby blankets on hand to cover them with between images or as we’re setting up a pose but you shouldn’t assume every photography studio is the same.  Remember to bring at least a couple blankets with you just in case the photographer doesn’t have any on hand or if one or two get soiled.

Plan your day around your session

Children in general tend to do things on their own schedule and sometimes require a good deal of time to sooth whatever may be bothering them.  In addition, all those cute poses you see on websites and blogs like mine take a lot of time and effort both during the session and in preparation before you get to the studio to make them happen.  Posing or swaddling a newborn can take time and often a few attempts between which a feeding or cuddling may be needed and that’s OK.  As a professional photographer who photographs a lot of children I know what to expect and I try to rely that to my clients.  When you schedule your portrait session it’s often a good idea to plan your entire day around it, this is especially true if you have other children that will be at or taking part in the session.  I recommend blocking out at least three hours for the session and adjusting your meal and nap schedule for that day so any two or three year old siblings also taking part will be happy and energized during the session.

Stay Clam (sessions with siblings)

Many of my families that come in for newborn sessions also have a 2, 3 or 4 year old son or daughter that I photographed a few years earlier.   I love creating images that include older siblings but we all know how a two year old can be when they’re not happy or have decided they’re not going to do something.  So, how do we keep big brothers and sisters cheerful?  This is actually going to be the subject of another post but I’ll give you a few helpful hints here.  First, make the portrait session something they’re looking forward to by talking about it in a positive manner in the days prior to the session.  Tell them how much fun it’s going to be to have their picture taken with their little brother or sister.   Next, remember to bring them plenty of snacks so they can keep their energy and mood up.  Also, there can be a bit of down time during a newborn session during feedings and image setups and to a three year old even a few minutes can seem like a lifetime,  having their favorite toys, books or even some interactive games on hand will help to keep them occupied, entertained and engaged.  Lastly remember to stay calm, even if they aren’t.   Tantrums happen and tears sometimes can’t be stopped, they’re kids it’s OK.  The key is to take it in stride and not let their acts of stubbornness affect the portrait session in a negative manner.  Try to speak calmly and in a pleasant tone, reiterating the fun aspects of the session or how he/she can be a big help by doing this or that.  Above all try not to become irritated as this can often cause more tears and additional stubbornness.  These tricks usually do the trick for me but if all else fails I always keep my secret weapon close by, my dog Lulu, kids adore her.

Planning Makes Perfect

The old adage is true, planning really does make perfect, especially when it comes to fresh, modern newborn portraits.  I encourage expecting parents to contact me as soon as possible for their complimentary consultation.  I try to create unique images for each of my newborn clients and sometimes that means building props, painting backgrounds or hunting down the right accessory to complete an idea I have for an image.  These things can take a bit of time so starting the process early gives me the opportunity to take the ideas we’ve exchanged during the consultation and create you a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home.

Wedding Photography and Engagement Portraits. Senior Pictures, Family Portraits, Newborn Portraits, Children. Modesto, Turlock, Oakdale.
The art of Your story!

Have a newborn on the way?  Give us a call, 209.541.1815 or drop us an email to schedule your consultation.  Want to see some of the cool newborn images we do, check this out!

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